Carol Kuzdenyi

pianist / piano and voice teacher / choir director

Carol Kuzdenyi currently offers:

~ Private piano and voice lessons

~ Instrumental coaching

   PIANO LESSONS focus on reading music (notes and rhythm), developing good tone quality, good technique, and understanding musical styles.

   VOICE LESSONS focus on understanding and developing your voice — learning how to sing beautifully, expanding your range and capability, learning good performance techniques, and understanding musical styles.

   INSTRUMENTAL COACHING includes rhythm training, musical phrasing and articulation, and understanding musical styles.

      Contact Info:

    Carol welcomes your telephone call. She is in Pacific Grove, California, at 831-373-3306. ** This is a land-line, and cannot receive text messages.

     E-mail: [email protected]

     * If you send an e-mail and do not receive a reply in a day or two, please either call Carol on the phone, or send another e-mail. Things get lost in cyberspace.