Carol Kuzdenyi

pianist / piano and voice teacher / choir director

 My "Aunt Carol" Dance Story

        Something very interesting happened.

        In February, 2010 I was practicing my hip hop routine in my mom's kitchen. My niece filmed it and put it on YouTube on February 16, 2010 (I had told her not to, but she must have pestered me until I relented.) Anyway, not one person saw it till early January, 2012, and then it went viral. Click here to see it

        Ellen DeGeneres ran the video on her show, "Ellen," on January 13, 2012, and asked me to go on the show.

        I did just that on January 20, 2012. It was a WONDERFUL experience. Ellen was so kind to me.

        And then the surprise . . . Ellen had invited my favorite dancer, tWitch, to come on the show. He had learned my routine from the YouTube video, and we danced it together on the show! Thanks to, here's tWitch Surprises Aunt Carol. It was a trip to heaven.

tWitch, Ellen, and me just after the pas de deux.

From Ellen's Most Memorable Moments Album (photo 48 of 145).

My EMFs Experience

        Having recently become more aware of the health dangers from the radiation emitted from cell phones, Wi-Fi, appliances, Smart Meters, and household wiring, I hired Electromagnetic Field (EMF) specialist Tony Keppelman to measure the various kinds of radiation in my apartment.

Some of the readings turned out to be quite high, but based on Tony's recommendations, we made some small changes that significantly lowered the levels of radiation in my apartment. My story is on the Testimonials page of Tony's website.